Welcome To My First Blog Post!

I’m not gonna lie… writing this blog post is probably one of the most daunting – & exciting – things I’ve had to in a while.

It has taken me so long to get to this point and even as I am sat here typing away on my keyboard I am still filled with so much doubt and indecision not only about this blog post but this entire blog and the direction I actually want to take with it. I will admit, this confusion has a lot to do with all the blogging advice articles I’ve read on the Internet. Although very helpful and what ultimately helped me to “Just Start”, allot of those articles advises against having a personal blog because according to them “no one cares about you” “they’re looking to improve on themselves”, hence, the more generic “how to” articles are better received and usually attracts more traffic, in other words, readers.

While I completely understand the reasoning and logic behind that I can’t help feel that a blog like that – even if it would result in thousands of page views – would be too… bland and… unfulfilling… for me.

I discovered the world of blogging about five or seven years ago and I pretty much fell in love with the idea of having my own little place on the internet where I can go on and on and on and…well, you get the point… about my life and that which is important to me. I know that might seem very narcissistic and self-obsessed but that’s the types of blogs I enjoy reading. I could spend hours reading about normal down to earth people and their normal down to earth lives and what’s important to them.

So, yeah, while this new blogging journey IS daunting, I have been wanting this for SO long so I’m just gonna do it. I’m not saying I refuse to throw in a “how to” or “top ten” kinda blog post every now and again but it’s always going to be relevant and true to me and who I am as a woman, a mother, a beauty lover… or just as a… person.

I hope whoever discovers this blog will find it at the very least somewhat entertaining so,

Happy reading!


More On Me:

Me & my little princess, Esme.

My name is Alisha Heynes. I am a thirty year old stay at home mother and wife residing in the small town of George in South Africa. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE reading but for the life of me I can’t seem to make the time for it anymore – seriously hoping to improve on that very soon! I am a little bit obsessed with coffee, makeup, the idea of starting my own business and Instagram – I know, I know.

P.S. there’s obviously much more to me than that but that’s what this blog is for!

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